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popollito et kikounet 11/5/2010
Hello Stéphane,

Pas de chance ce week end, mais ça ira mieux très bientôt, et tu restes le champion de nos coeurs!!!

Un ptit jambon beurre, et ça repart!!

popollito et kikounet

Sylvia Müller 12/4/2010
Hello Stephane!

I am a big fan from you and my sister,too.You are the best.
Please can you send me two original signed autographs from you.My adress is:

Sylvia Müller
Nelkenstr. 9
84478 Waldkraiburg

fan from POLAND 14/1/2010
My name is Grzegorz. I come from POLAND. I'm big fan of racings. I always say that you are the one of my favourite driver. I become yours fan when I saw you on TV, that how you ride was great. I'm fan of yours style of ride, your passion and big abilities that you have wean you ride and show your skill. I like to observe you in action on track and learn tricks, I try to use this when I ride, and practice this on training to get good result. I Am writing this letter hoping that you will read it and give me some time to tell you about my passion. My hobby is sport. My favourite discipline of sport is racings. I inherit this from my Father. My passion is everything that can be connected with racings. In my free time I always read about racings and drivers, specially I look fore some kind of Stéphane Daoudi staff, I could read about racings all the time. In my leisure time I often watch racings with my friends. I always watch races when Stéphane Daoudi ride, It’s weary difficulty to find some kind of station in my country who’s playing Stéphane Daoudi old races but I try to go watch rides in clubs, on internet or on some DVD's. When I go to sport shop I always look for racing staff. And whit this is big problem, because find something interesting about Stéphane Daoudi in Poland it is impossible, and staff from internet is wary hard to buy and it's expensive. So I write to you, and I ask fore pictures with autographs from Stéphane Daoudi some souvenirs, because I collect racings autographs and gadgets. I collect autograph from 4 years, this is my other hobby near racings. I want to increase my collection with yours signature, if this is possible, that will be a great souvenir from me. I try go to race if it’s possible, but I don’t have so many money to ride in every race I want. Although I cannot go there (I cannot afford air ticket or even a bus) small gift from Stéphane Daoudi would be a great souvenir for me. I life in small village and It’s weary hard to watch good race, ride to other country to watch race it's not easy, so to me left watching starts on TV. If you have any gadgets or gifts it would be also very welcome. As I said this is my passion and all life. I will by weary grateful!!!!!!!!!!. I also collecting sport souvenirs and I would be pleased to add the materials to my collect. I hope I am not putting You to too much trouble with this letter. Thank You very, very much for interest in my person and my request. I wish you good luck and a lot of successes!!! sorry for my English but I'm not so good with write in this language:))))) Best regards

My Address:
Grzegorz Korecki
ul. Powst. Warsz.5/3
68-320 Jasien

gaspin jacues 21/12/2009
bonne fete de fin 2009 et une bonne saison comme pilote jacques g

UAV4GO10ME 16/6/2009
Congratulations, Stephan!
You gave the proof that in the thistles' country, you were able to pick a clover !
No doubt that you have celebrated your podium place with some fresh pints of Scottish ale...
Slán leat

UAV4GO10ME 12/6/2009
Great news!
Try to turn the sharmrock into clover
Good luck in UK

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